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Smartmicros offers bespoke web, social media application development services coupled with a range of long term benefits for organizations of all sizes globally. Our Social network sites and platforms are built from the ground up using proven tactics and state of the art technologies.
Our Social network development services feature:

  • A social network that’s genuinely yours: having a unique look and feel and integrated into your website.
  • Innovative features to please your audience and keep them coming back: We induce out of the box design & development strategies for your social network so that it breaks through the clutter.
  • 100 percent ownership: in order to keep your customer’s data safe, and ensure dependability on any serious social network, all the valuable data collected is yours.
  • Our 24/7 support and coordination: We will take time to understand your strategy and collaborate with you to refine it and see it through. In this way your investment continues to pay you. Our tactical design advice and collaboration will help avoid any bottlenecks and stay top of the game.
  • And the best of all, our hand coded social network platform will provide a trusted environment for your employees to stay connected with each other and the organization. It will drive the potential of your people, encourage collaboration and develop new business.

Perks Of Smartmicros Social Network Development

Informational websites that have integrated custom social network can grow organically and attain a large and active community that curates, collaborates & generates content. This will allow the site to syndicate its original materials and drive brand awareness, loyalty and traffic. Furthermore, the appearance, functionality and feel of your custom enterprise social network is tailored to suit your website and brand requirements
Beside a unique design that sprouts engagement, your custom enterprise social network will consist of:

  • Secure registration and authentication facility
  • Personal homepage, directories and profiles for member
  • Activity feeds, private messaging between members
  • Ability to connect among members as followers, friends etc.
  • Personalized URL for every profile
  • Content syndication such as articles, blogs, photos, calendar, jobs, classifieds, events etc.
  • User generated forums and online store with shopping cart
  • Audio and video uploading module
  • Chat and group chat features
  • User controlled privacy settings
  • Online Fee/Charges collection features

We are capable of building enterprise social networking communities that are tested, scalable and customized coupled with our round the clock support and documentation. Our experience enables us to build social networking applications using Drupal or Symphony with standard compliant practices of HTML, CSS, PHP, mySQL with innovative AJAX usage and browser compatible, w3 certified coding.
If you are looking for a company with social networking websites proven with functionality and design, then we can offer you the custom and reliable solution you are looking for.

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