Using instagram to promote your business

Using Instagram to promote your business


Instagram is such a magic spell if you would like to grow a strong following of customers and get your product and your business seen and get promoted on a large scale and eventually you get paid!

We are going to share with you some tips and tricks below that will help you out promote your business through Instagram.

So the first and the most important thing for you to undrstand is that:

You really need to specify your industry

Like if you’re an entrepreneur you have to write that on your account or if you are a shoe manufacturer you have to mention something like shoe product or shoes because they will search something related to that and that’s how they reach you instead your name because people would search you by what you actually do unless they know your name. This will help you gain more and more exposure and get you in front of your customers.


Make your Instagram account a bit more descriptive of what you actually do

You can set this up by going on Edit Your Profile in the settings and add some lines about what you actually do because this will let your customers finds you really easily. Like if you’re a shoe manufacturer/brand you can add lines like “High quality” “High Luxury Shoes” . Whatever you do just put some lines about it in your Insta account. It will give people the context of what you actually are doing.

Use your site link to your bio to direct people to content and get more traffic

So when people click on that link it will direct them to your offers you provide or your site. Actually this will show some result that what’s actually going on.


Put Some text on your images you share

So this is about visually capturing the people’s attention and using nice images with some nice design, strong colors and some text written on them at the top. This works really well. Like if you have a 40% off offer don’t just have a picture of that thing instead write over that picture “Get it 40% off”. Because you have to hit people over the head.


Use videos to capture people’s attention

Make sure to put interesting thumbnail on the videos so that it grabs people visually. It’s really important to maintain the attention of your customers throughout the targeted video than having a ton of uninterested viewers who drop off instantly.


So that’s how you are gonna separate yourself from rest of the pack using instagram.

Remember, Instagram is the source to promote your brand identity and try to make the assosiations of your brand important just as you think your products are.

Happy Instagramming .


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