Future of Social Media


Future of Social Media

It’s 2019 and our love for surfing online is knowing no limits; in fact, it’s just growing day by day. It’s time to reconsider the facts we collected over the future of social media with some throwbacks and extrapolations!

You might find it weirdly awesome, but any activity you perform (that includes viewing the page, signing up or entering information) on social media or simply the internet, is kept saved somewhere. That is why you come across many predictions, suggestions, reviews, and recaps. You got it right, Data nerds everywhere! For marketers, analyzing the stats and chunks of data helps them to figure out the best strategy for the future of social media. It helps them to target the right users to boost revenues for their products/brands.


Is the future of social media bright enough?

With the ever-growing user’s engagement and commitment to the online world, it has achieved a strong position in not only entertainment but marketing as well.


Social Media


Let’s have a look at some researches:

“73% of the markets believe social media marketing has been somewhat effective or very effective for their businesses.” – Buffer, 2019.

“42% (nearly 3.2 billion) of the world’s population actively uses social media.” – Emarsys, 2019.


Let’s check out which social media gathered most of our attention:



Although the company was severely bashed due to data leaks issue, it still maintains its worth above all others. With over 2.32 billion active users, it remains the widely used platform around the world. Keeping the statistics in mind, you need to know how you can work up your way to success and make the best out of resources. But surprisingly when it comes to marketing, Facebook doesn’t seem to be the best option anymore. Statistics show a decline in organic reach of contents and it’s constantly decreasing over time. Might be a good platform to enjoy all the cozy UI and interaction system, for marketing? Nah.


Facebook Facebook



We all are aware of the recent unrest and clashes b/w YouTube giants T-series and Pewdiepie. YouTube has been a center of attraction for decades and it has become a more reliable source of education, entertainment and marketing/promotion of various goods. The future for YouTube is undoubtedly bright. With the past few years, Vlogging has been a great addition to YouTube’s expanding business. There’s nothing better than exploring the world from your phone, much economical right? Not to mention those trendy “unboxing” and review videos which users find exceptionally helpful. In a few years or more, YouTube will be the center of attraction for live streamers as well. One more annoying thing… oh yeah, advertisements! Putting in mind the growing popularity of YouTube, investors now prefer investing in YouTube channels for advertisements – cheaper and reliable, simple enough?


YouTube YouTube



Here on Instagram, the future of the social media looks positive. Instagram created IGTV in 2018 to allow users to host longer videos, we have some credible information that Instagram is planning to invest heavily in this platform. While enjoying its tons of top-notch features, influencers and content creators will adapt to IGTV to make the most out of their work. We all like stories, and Instagram has done the right job by introducing Instagram Stories with lots of supportive features such as music, stickers fonts, and much more. In the past, most of the brands used to prefer highly paid actors to promote their products and brands. However, they are turning more towards the popular influencers on Instagram. Either in a form of “giveaways” and “promotions”, all those social media stars with their huge fan following; can give a neat shape to your marketing strategies.


Instagram Instagram


Some Potential Mentions

The only platform where you can witness action-filled events of cyber wars. The platform has recently become popular for political propaganda as well.  Yes, it’s twitter. It does hold together many users, but somehow users don’t seem to be making out of it much when it comes to marketing. But who knows, it still stands as a competitor.

TikTok, it’s still new in the hood and we know that many of you are already fed up of its name. But eyeing on its emerging popularity, it will not be used only for entertainment, but the platform might become a common ground for product-promotions and advertisements through your favorite TikTok videos!


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