Technologies of the next ERA and ways to survive it

Technologies of the next ERA and ways to survive it.



Nearly like 5 years ago, the technology looked so amazing and a great advancement to our changing world. You could use your phone to call up a car, you could easily communicate with someone via video call, or stream HD videos for educational/entertainment purposes without any hassle. The great days where we witnessed the marvels of technology.

But at the same time, the weather looked too fuzzy out there. You could dive into the pool of new tech stuff and get drowned for sure. Every year, new phones show up with so many different models, by so many companies with different capabilities – it was so easy to get lost in the hype. At the same time, it was easy to get deceived, what follows next is jumping into the pool again to search for the right product, again!

So, it was a common practice to jump over all the hurdles and land over the outlets of the giants (Apple, Samsung, and etc.).

So, as an honest user of tech, how would you make your way up through the flood of choices? We have listed out some facts, be sure to have a glance at them!


Look out for the business model

During the early days of smartphones, phone applications, and cloud services seemed to be unsafe. You might buy a product whose manufacturer would go bankrupt, or maybe they would provide terrible tech support services. Security was fragile, backing up your data could be a nuisance, organizing data across different phones was a headache, and the problems just don’t end here. In recent years, somehow, things have improved a lot in the world of gadgets, which fades away most of the basic problems faced by the user at the nascent era of smartphones. Nothing is perfect, but the introduction of an improved combo of hardware and software has surely made a difference.

When everything works fine, how are you supposed to pick what to buy? You should be concern about the features and functions of the product, but give equal priority to your concern about the manufacturer ethics, branding, and moto. When you’re buying any tech, most important part is to check out the business model – it’s related to the buying and selling of the tech, not its functionality so that can accurately figure out its dangers. For example, Google pixels provides a lot in under the price tag compared to Apple product, but one would end up appreciating Apple’s ease of trade. Apple takes great care in protecting its user from eviler digital resources.


Don’t just make permanent-stay over the stops of tech giants

We witness a rapid modification in smartphones every year but the one thing doesn’t seem to be changing at all; the ones sitting on the thrones. Without any doubt, Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft are the leaders. Huawei was going towards the right track but unfortunately became the victim of the US trade war with China. Practically, too much concentration over single stuff will lead to ignorance about the rest of the good stuff out there, decreases rivalries and innovation. For a healthy industrial growth around the globe, your choice matters; the best way is to follow the giants clueless and explore the indies as well. For example, if you’re an iPhone owner, you can pay for Spotify and enjoy loads of perks when compared to Apple Music.


Sit back, get familiar later

Jumping to the conclusions, the lesson is that our private choice of tech products matters, especially where everyone is blindly rushing and adopting the latest new stuff, or the trendiest one. In this move of haste and hurry, we often lose sight of the possible risks of turning ourselves over to tech. Just slow down, don’t rush to adopt all the trendy stuff even when it –as a whole- doesn’t look a victim of unwanted functionalities or annoying bugs, there may be lies a hidden unexpected risk under the rug – which you might regret to have over time. Yes, tech can be a blessing to our lives, but we indeed shouldn’t ignore its devastating impact on our lives. Everything from software to hardware might bring easiness to practical lives but might work the other way around. Be steady, be safe.


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