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It is not hard to imagine marketing e-mails ending up in a junk mail folder or remain unopened in inboxes for months. Your customers are inundated with business, personal and advertising e-mails. Social media, Facebook and Twitter, are becoming the main drivers for the new customer growth and they are the main strategic tools for various marketing campaigns. (Link twitter marketing post here).
Another way to quickly reach your target audience is using SMS messaging to drive your message. With social media, your target audience is logging into their social media accounts, and from there they are viewing various messages (Twitts, Facebook posts), and your company hopefully has a great strategy to reach out and engage potential and existing customers.
With SMS you have to be careful to ask your customers (or new users who visited your website or your social media accounts) to opt-in to receive SMS messages from you. Initially, you can add perks, discounts, etc. to gain your audience and have them agree to receive text messages. Once you accomplish this, you must offer value in your text messages (i.e., a coupon for signing up for SMS notification service) and once you see the engagement of this particular customer you can, based on their purchasing pattern, send more attractive offers via SMS.



80% of people open marketing SMS messages, which is a significant percent and testifies to the power of the SMS marketing.
Once you engage your users, take care not to become burdensome spam in their SMS inbox. Send roughly 2-4 text messages per month. Use the same etiquette that a friend would use when texting, that is, do not text late at night or early in the morning.
Track the SMS message response and the response time. Use this information to apply changes to your strategy (changing the frequency of the text messages, design, incentives, etc.)
Make sure that you include disclaimers when the user first signs up for your texting service. Include information about how often you are planning to text, how to stop the service if necessary.
Each text sent must be short and personalized based on your user experience. Use text message short-hand language, but take care to make the message as readable as possible.
Use the text messages to inform about the new product releases, subscription expirations, up-coming credit-card expirations, fees due to your company, but most importantly use this strategy to gain new followers. Promote your Twitter and Facebook accounts, promote your website content and even provide customer service using the SMS messages.
Always ask for feedback, because you do not want your audience to see your company as the spam-text-message generator. Involve an expert to set-up automated text messaging system and audit the system every six months to ensure it is working correctly.


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