Smartmicros: Offering a complete suite of Web & IT services

Smartmicros is a hub of IT solutions and services. Whether big or small,l we can assist your business in extending its global outreach through the web via a smartly designed website, help you leverage your mobile customers with an app, or handle resource intensive retail projects such as eCommerce solutions and applications

Here is a Clear view of tasks that Smartmicros can handle:


Web Designing

WE make websites that are not just to look pretty, but are effective as well. There is literally no point in making an overly designed, color thrown website, if the users are having a hard time understanding the content or find particular things about the offerings. Read More

Web Development

A great development is why a website works smoothly, performs efficiently and keeps the users engaged with speed. If not done by the experienced hands, even a website with good design and graphics can fail miserably. Read More

Mobile Applications development

Whether the idea is to make a generic mobile application for your business or direct a giant Enterprise application via resourceful people then Smartmicros is up for the job! Read More

Mobile Software development

The team form Smartmicros has an extensive experience with mobile software development across a variety of mobile platforms. We have expertise in developing mobile software and applications for mobile devices including iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Android and Windows Mobile. Read More

Business application development

Smartmicros prides itself to be San Diego’s Leading business Application Development Company. We have a decade old experience in making consumer and enterprise business apps that are reliable and perform with high efficacy. Read More

Web & social media application development

Smartmicros offers bespoke web, social media application development services coupled with a range of long term benefits for organizations of all sizes globally. Our Social network sites and platforms are built from the ground up using proven tactics and state of the art technologies. Read More

Enterprise Software development

Enterprise software is the key for an organization to recover from to proficiency lapses and low turnout results. This is the principal goal at Smartmicros. Our enterprise software development team crafts solutions that are intended to solve a wide range of problems, rather than a departmental problem. Read More

Custom mobile application development

We are San Diego’s most experienced custom mobile app development company having our clientele base stretched across the alcove. Whether you are a small business, startup or a big organization, our strategy and expertise in custom app development promises to deliver exceptional iPhone, iPad and Android applications. Read More

Android Application development

Smartmicros is a leading android application development company in San Diego with over thousands of satisfied customers from diverse niches. We offer qualitative android app development services to enterprises across the alcove driven by result oriented strategies. Read More

IOS Application Development

Smartmicros is a leading IOS development company from San Diego. Our hand-coded IOS applications are exemplary in terms of creativity and uniqueness. Seeing the subtle elegance of all the IOS devices and its exhilarating community of users, we design & develop IOS applications that rightfully deserve such a showcase. Read More


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