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With the website design completed, the next important step is development. In technical language, this is where all the coding and integration will be done letting your website not just be an image but perform. But, in a more mystical sense, web development is the process where your website gets to have its soul. Now it’s upon the expertise and experience of a developer which is going to show how good the soul is and how long it’s going to live.

A great development is why a website works smoothly, performs efficiently and keeps the users engaged with speed. If not done by the experienced hands, even a website with good design and graphics can fail miserably

What Do We Have For You

Well! Experience, gotten from the ever changing technology landscape, skill set in nearly all the tools used to make ground breaking online presences and the best of all, a great portfolio. We are Smartmicros that offers fully integrated, functional, appealing and fully manageable websites.

Each website we make is built using functionality and design as the foundation for optimizing your business in the online realm. We take extreme measures to ensure that the website we make will provide you an ideal platform to leverage and market your offerings. Our practices are compliant with w3c standards and guarantee that each and every aspect of your website will give you great results if subjected to an efficient online marketing strategy.

A Face-lift For Your Existing Website

A website must evolve with the business. In fact, we believe that the website is responsible for the business to evolve. A new and improved website is what your customers will always expect from you, so do not expect them to buy from your website if you are running a site that is hard to explore and complex.

If you are having little to no conversions online, then check your online marketing strategy. If marketing is good but your site still has a hard time attracting visitors then see if your website design or functionality needs a revamp. As a service provider, we have seen that a rundown website with faulty design and code is mostly responsible for creating bugs that discourage web visitors from spending more time on the site. And getting a redesign with ground up coding seems to solve this issue, in about days not weeks.

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