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Smartmicros is all about creating distinguished apps. We are one of San Diego’s top notch app makers contracted by both government and private agencies. Our applications for mobile are a work of art where we display creativity, custom design features, eye catching interfaces and high-end functionality that stands out from the rest.
Our developers are trainers in iOS& Android app development having years of experience in the field. We offer bespoke services and our specialties for Android app development are utility apps, productivity apps, photo & video apps, games and much more.
Check out the following list for all services we provide regarding Android App Development:


We are here to help you find answers to all of your Android App related questions. Even if you need a fresh Android App idea, we can help you with that too. We have more than a decade’s worth of experience in the field of Android app development and we are always seeking opportunities to help people in our community.


Wireframing is the most important part of creating an app and in this process, we determine how a user will interact with an app. The key over here is to make an app user friendly so as to improve navigation and interaction. At Smartmicros, we use tools such as Axure and make mockups to visualize the wireframes of your app and discuss them with you.

App Design

Functionality is not the only success parameter of an app, it should also intrigue the user with its design and be eye catching. We work with our clients to make sure that their apps get the right amount of styling and UX features and that they are highly immersive.

App Development

Hand coding an app is like giving the soul the concept and design ideology discussed previously. But coding involves technique and sophistication, responsible for giving an app its much deserved functionality besides good graphics. We collaborate with our UX team and designers during to publish the concept make sure the functionality is rightly integrated.

App Testing

Once the app is designed and developed, you cannot just launch it into the market place.The next big thing is the testing phase. No matter how great the designs is or how exceptionally well the app performs; remember that there is always a bug somewhere in the code. The testing phase tells us that such a bug is not much a hiccup and that the app performs well on every platform.


Publishing is the result your patience and our workmanship in making the app bears. Now this process too isn’t that easy. There are certain rules for placing an app on various market places or app stores. Rest assured that we can guide you through this process and make sure that your app will be ready for users.

App Website

Smartmicros is the complete technology shop and we cater all the It services you need to maintain your online presence. We also create standard compliant, beautiful support websites for your app which is the key for app marketing and community reasons. You have any special requirements for that, name them and we will get the job done.

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