If you own a business, work as a freelancer or are a professional and want to get paid online then Payoneer is the best method to get paid by your international clients and global marketplaces in a quick and secure way at a very low cost. Payoneer was established in 2005. Payoneer’s headquarter is located in New York, NY United States. Payoneer services provide online payment, international money transfer and digital payment. It manages to support several currencies and provides free transactions for those selected currencies.


Any individual or a company with sufficient funds in their payoneer account is able to pay other payoneer account users. Payoneer account holders can make a payment in 4 simple and easy steps.
Step 1: Login/signup to your payoneer account.
Step 2: Select ‘make a payment’ option.
Step 3: Enter your details and amount you want to send to your customer.
Step 4: Make a payment.
And you’re Done!


⦁ Make payments within payoneer network free of charge.
⦁ Make payments anywhere and anytime.
⦁ Receive payments within minutes.
⦁ Can be use for online shopping.
⦁ Easy to use.
⦁ Secure and private.


Yes absolutely safe. All your information and personal details are completely secure with Payoneer. Payoneer pays high attention to user’s security. Keeping your information and data private and protected is the top most priority for Payoneer.

What can you do with Payoneer?

Get Paid:

You can get paid by sending a payment request to other Payoneer account holder. You can transfer your funds to your bank account or withdraw them at an ATM.

Pay Your Customers:

You can easily send money to your customers or to anyone who holds a Payoneer account.

Mass Payments:

You can pay to multiple recipients online simultaneously via Payoneer.

Automated Payments:

You can set up automatic payments i.e payment scheduled on a predetermined date.

Payoneer Payment methods and which is the suitable for you?

Do you know? There are four different methods to pay your customers via Payoneer when they send you a payment request. Payments can be send by using
⦁ eCheck
⦁ local bank transfer
⦁ credit/debit card
⦁ Payoneer account balance.
Note that choosing the payment method depends on where your customer/freelancer is located.

Are you still confused and looking for a method which fits your needs best?

There are a lot of payment methods that are being used these days. To find out the best way to pay is to compare them all one by one.

paypal-imagePayPal is a satisfactory method that provides you with many services. PayPal has million of users around the globe. PayPal supports a wide range of currencies. It has an online wallet that allows you to make payments easily. PayPal is a completely secure method. Paypal provides support in almost all languages. It takes two days for registration and verification of your account.
PayPal is a great choice if the money is being transferred within the US as the cost is much lower. It is easy to use and integrate with. People can also make online transactions with their PayPal account. PayPal costs fees to the person who is receiving the money. Major drawback is that it only transfers money between paypal accounts and the transaction cost varies according to the country.


Payoneer is convenient and supports devices like Windows, Android, iPhone/iPad, Mac and Web-based. Payoneer provides support to users in over 35 languages. It allows you to send and receive money to and from more than 200 countries. It is fast, easy and can send and receive payments within minutes.
On the other hand, the customer support is not really good, quick or responsive. After signing up for a Payoneer account in minutes you then have to wait for a long time for the approval before you can start using services of Payoneer. It usually takes two weeks in the approval process. Payoneer restricts the transfer of high private payments. You can send no more than USD 1000.


Skrill is another online wallet service that allows you to make business in the east and middle east countries where other online wallets are not available. Skrill supports credit card and email transactions. It is fast and free of cost. It support more than 30 currencies. It is highly secure and all the information is kept private. It takes only 24 hours to register and verify your account. It costs fees to the person who is sending the money. Major drawback is that it is not as recognised as other wallets like PayPal. Skrill is not currently available for US money transfer.


World First is an international payment method that provides international services to online sellers, freelancers, business and individuals. It is fast, easy and profitable. It has the average rate and provides free fee to the private money transfers. It also has a automated payment feature. World first supports a wide range of currencies and allows you to send and receive money in multiple currencies like USD, GBP, EUR, CAD, CNY, and JPY. It provides access in English, Chinese, Japanese, French, and Dutch languages.
The process of transferring the money can sometimes take a long time depending on the country you are sending money to. World first allows you to send a maximum of amount, you can transfer as much as you want but no less than £1000 can be sent. Also you need to have a phone call in order to verify your account.

transferwise-imageTransferWise is a online service that provides access to the users in several languages. TransferWise allows users to send and receive the payment at a very low rate. TransferWise supports multiple currencies. There is no charge for registering an account. It generally takes one to four days in transferring your money. TransferWise has a borderless account feature that works by converting your money into mid market rates. The transaction fees is deducted before conversion. Transaction process is simple and fast. It usually takes place in minutes. Money transfer does not cost you the first time you transfer the money, after that you will be charged for transferring money.
The transaction fee depends on the country you are sending money to. You can transfer money only to bank accounts. It is a PayPal alternative. You may use it if the PayPal services are not available in your country.


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