Online Payment Methods

Online Payment Methods



To increase the conversions and sales it’s really essential to make it easy for your customers as much as possible because different customers would like to pay in different ways.

When it comes to receiving and accepting payments no doubt Paypal is the reigning champion.

Since people still love PayPal because of variety of reasons, technology has opened the door for a number of competitors to challenge PayPal by offering cheaper fees, faster transactions, and enhanced security.

There are a number of various other online payment methods that are mentioned below:

1. Apple Pay



If you’re a merchant, then there’s nothing more beneficial than Apple Pay. Since Apple uses touch ID confirmation, transactions are secure and faster than ever.

In other words, people can easily pay for their purchased items through fingerprint. It’s yet in a constant state of development so don’t get amazed if the service extends its support for older devices as well.

Also, talk of the town is that Apple is working on a P2P payments system within iMessage.

2. Payoneer



Payoneer is a well-known payment processing service serving world-wide. The service is available in almost every country and deals in 150 different currencies.

Receiving payments costs no charges while the service provides a supple API that grows with your business. Just like PayPal, you can use your handy Master Card if you’re not willing to go completely digital.

3. 2Checkout




2Checkout is another well-known and widely-used payment platform which allows users to accept credit cards, debit cards and PayPal globally.

The service supports 87 languages. You’re less likely to become a victim of cyber threats and frauds – thanks to the advanced fraud protection service.

The service incorporates a huge number of online shopping carts and also provides ease of billing customers automatically.

4. Amazon Payments



If you want to reduce the fuss and make payment easier for your customers, go ahead and accept payments through Amazon Payments.

Whenever they make a purchase, they go through amazon Amazon’s checkout service which means the transaction will go through safe and sound credentials of Amazon.

5. Square



Square offers one of the safest and easiest solution if you want to get paid without any hassle.

It gained remarkable recognition after introducing its magstripe reader, enabling owners to swipe credit cards anywhere for a transaction see per swipe (2.7 %).

Also, through Square Cash App, you can use electronic invoices to easily get paid.

6. Payza



Through this one-of-a-kind service, you can easily send and receive payments within minutes.

It is reliable because of its unique security system and provides a great customer support service.

Also, the service is supported by a user-friendly interface and its free to sign-up. Apart from withdrawing and receiving funds from credit cards and bank accounts, they also accept bitcoins – making transactions exceptionally easier.


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