Modifications in search Algorithm to Promote Original Journalism

Modifications in search Algorithm to Promote Original Journalism


Whether it’s about finding solutions to our real-life relationship problems or taking advice from our Dr. internet, Google is the first place where we are likely going to find the answers of our unsolved mysteries. Google without any doubt is the most visited site on the planet, after all it takes care of around 65,000 searches alone in just a second.

The tech giant Google has recently updated its set of search algorithms to help promote “significant original reporting”. The motive behind such a move is to uplift legit journalism after being criticized of its role in the downfall of the industry.

The mostly-used online search engine has confirmed on 13th September that articles/stories based over quality, legit and in-depth information or had took lots of painstaking efforts, skills and time, will make it to the visible position of the search engine results. Not only it will make its way up, but will hold its respective position for much longer.

Fake, biased or non-credible information is widespread across the internet, either for political, economic gains or what so ever. Like many other platforms, Google has been criticized lately from many news agencies for promoting click-baits, unverified news and poorly written stories/reports without any legit background or credible sources. However, calls for some change occurred after tons of criticism by several authorities.


Google search engine is the most-frequently updating platform which sorts millions of web pages, videos, news stories, images and everything added to the internet on daily basis.

Goal is to help user fetch the most relevant, accurate and reliable results as per the inputs, which makes it a massive $330 billion digital advertising market.

However, many of the writers have been striving to reap the fruits of their original content – not getting the credit they deserved.

The company has asked as much as 10,000 raters, humans to test google search algorithm by checking the content promoted by google search engine.

The whole process will contribute to the further tuning of the algorithms. Apart from optimizing the algorithm, it will also store the publisher’s achievements and reputations, or awards achieved by the journalist such as the Pulitzer prize.

Richard Gingras, the head of Google’s news said that the company wanted to promote the efforts of industries that are keen to publish deep investigated stories, especially from the scratch, to help user fetch the most relevant and authoritative content.

In today’s era of incredibly active media and news agencies, the original reporting content on any subject doesn’t last in the league for long, as many other platforms generate follow-up coverage of the original content.

This makes it difficult for the original content to show up that worked for its content from the very scratch.

The move will not only help the journalists in enjoying the deserved credit for their credible and original content on the web, but will also uplift and encourage industries to focus on deep investigated news content in a challenging and competitive atmosphere.


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