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Along with a desktop application, harnessing the mobile web to showcase your offerings is vital for your business to stay afloat in today’s era. According to the latest researches on web accessibility, in 2014 there were more mobile web users than desktop users- and to top it all, more mobile devices than humans.
So what do these numbers mean? They mean that if you want to reach more customers- attract them to your product or service and get more conversions- then you need to focus on having a mobile app.
Now enterprise mobile applications such as enterprise social networks, enterprise content management and mobile video streaming apps is a different game. Theses mobile applications fall under the category of ERPs, CRM & MWM software. The companies that invest in these behemoth applications tend to sell them or rent to a consumer base as a service. All in All, for enterprise mobile application smooth functionality coupled with 24/7 support is the idea. With more and more people interacting with the software, it is hosted on scalable cloud servers that require monitoring.
Whether the idea is to make a generic mobile application for your business or direct a giant Enterprise application via resourceful people then Smartmicros is up for the job!

How Will We Do It

Established in 2005, Smartmicros has evolved from solely web-related software development to include the rapidly evolving mobile and enterprise technology development. Whether you are a new/small business or a large enterprise, we are happy to work with you!
Our forte includes managing your web-related efforts, integrate CRM solutions (Salesforce), build user-friendly mobile applications (smartphones & tablets) or customized multimedia and voice solutions. You name it, we do it!
We are at the forefront of web and mobile software development. We develop advanced consumer facing web portals (including eCommerce, Social Networks, Directories, etc.) and mobile applications which break new grounds and improve life. We also develop enterprise solutions based on popular web and enterprise technologies, as well as SaaS and Cloud platforms such as Salesforce and Amazon Cloud Services. We specialize in multimedia content management, streaming, and delivery on a variety of fixed and mobile platforms. Whether you are a brand new start-up, existing small business, or a flourishing enterprise, we understand the significance of incorporating technology in today’s highly competitive business environment.
Smartmicros helps clients stay ahead by taking on their software development goals. We create innovative, yet practical, technology solutions that leave a lasting impression on your clients, partners, shareholders, suppliers and internal teams!

What We Have In Store As A Mobile App Development Company

  • At Smartmicros our work is deadline oriented. From day one we conclude our strategies by understanding the client’s requirement so that our products are accurate.
  • Our expertise and result oriented tactics allow us to work with all company sizes, organizations and enterprises.
  • Our team is always in loop with clients in order to better reflect on their guidelines throughout the process
  • We provide 24/7 support and tests to avoid any problems and ensure functionality

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