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The inception of smart handheld devices has revolutionized the way we perceive the web. The internet of things where previously people marketed their offerings only to be interacted via desktop computers now provides various channels for people to interact with their desired services.
Among such channels of interaction provided by Smartphones, the iPhone, iPad and Android devices are forerunners. With explicit design features, user friendly ways of interaction and simplicity, web interaction through these devices has made the experience very user-centric and given birth to various other possibilities.
For business owners who previously used desktop websites, this transition is a challenge, but promises a higher business reach as well. Today having a web application for a smart device such as an iPhone, iPad or Android phone is compulsory. This is because research suggests that now there are more mobile internet users than desktop.
The user-friendly mobile applications made today for this purpose not only need to be highly engaging but personalized as well. Only such a user oriented experience can help garner the true ROI for making mobile applications. For this, mobile application developers of Smartmicros are at your service.

How Will We Do It

Smartmicros is a web and mobile development firm situated in San Diego. Our team is equipped and experienced with the nuts & bolts required to procure a presentable online presence for any service or product based organization. In the realm of Software development, our customized user friendly applications break through the clutter with their dynamic appearance and smooth functionality. This is one of the many reasons for which we are the sought by government and private companies in US for services in mobile application development
Regarding your IPad, iPhone or android application, our standard operating procedure will proceed from knowing your business goals and then driving out a suitable application mockup for your consideration. Hosted on the state of art cloud infrastructure of Amazon Web Service and Salesforce, we will give you the opportunity to review our work and be in complete coordination with the team to meet all the guidelines that you have. From there, our quality assurance specialist will test and ensure 100% functionality of your application and will also assist you in the long run for support and alterations.

The Perks of Smartmicros iPhone, iPad & Android App Development

  • Smartmicros offers strict deadline oriented services with documentation and testing to help you meet your business goals in time
  • Our expertise in enterprise content management, enterprise social network and mobile video streaming allows us to assist any type of company no matter what size
  • We believe in transparency and practice coordination so as to meet the desired goals with best accuracy
  • We offer 24/7 support and service guarantees to predict and prevent any bottlenecks that can affect your up-time
  • With your consent, we also provide timely support and management services for enterprise social network, application management and mobile video streaming to ensure round the clock functionality

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