Growing twitter followers


Growing twitter followers


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Engaging Audience by using Tweeter

Social media is a valuable marketing tool for businesses operating both in real-time and online. Twitter is a great tool to engage your audience and grow the follower base. In turn, your tweeter presence has the potential to grow your customer base and your brand is promoted to the broader audience.

Monitor key brand/customer words using Twitter Analytics

Using the keywords and creating relevant discussions with hashtag topics engages your brand with the social media customer base. Tap into conversations and use no more than two hashtags per tweet, focusing on keywords pertinent to your business.

Start a conversation about trending topics to grow followers

If you are a local brand, engage with the local audience by participating in Twitter trending local topics, such as music performances, local food tastings, art exhibits, etc. Showing the audience your engagement and participation in the local events and promoting your support of local artists and your community is a great way to spread the word about your brand and grow your local twitter base.
Follow and participate in trending topics online. Utilize aggregating tools such as Tweetdeck to monitor topics and to engage with the key influencers. Mention key figures and @ influencers in your tweets. By doing so, you can quickly grow tweeter followers. By re-tweeting relevant influencer posts your brand reaches wider audiences, and inevitably tweeter community becomes engaged with your brand.

Tweet regularly

Tweeting every day is important. Sites with the most tweeter followers tweeted at least twenty-four times in one day. Therefore the constant stream of relevant tweets is the key to attracting an audience to your brand. Use clickable images and gifs to keep your content appealing. Re-tweet topics and reply to tweets, keeping your engagement level high.

Tweeter for video marketing

Using tweeter to engage in video marketing. Live tweeter video events can help you attract a wider following and engage in real-time conversations with the potential customers. Video data exchange is becoming a regular way of sharing news and favorite content. Videos are a great way to showcase your products and skills. Video marketing on twitter goes beyond 280 characters, and it can often lead to greater participation by the audience.

Tweet your support for social causes

Social awareness often makes your brand relatable to a broader group of people. Supporting causes which you feel passionate about and engaging your customers is a great way to grow your tweeter base, as your customers share your updates and relevant links regarding the cause you are championing.

Use Tweeter as an interactive tool

Use Tweeter poll to gauge customer interest in a product or a service. Ask a question about the important topic and obtain customer feedback. This is a great way to engage with your followers and grow the interested Tweeter base.

Follow your network

It is essential to learn what your customer base is saying and what related topics they follow. Monitor your twitter base on a regular basis and engage in conversations. Listen to the feedback and be quick to respond.


Use tweeter to tie into your other online marketing tools (website, other social media, newsletters, etc.). Promote your website and the website content. Keep older content in circulation by occasionally re-tweeting it and making it available to the new audience. Using a topic expert and a social media expert to align your strategy with the available technology is an excellent way to keep up with the current strategic tools for marketing.

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