The future of Augmented Reality

The future of Augmented Reality

The future of Augmented Reality

2019 has already gone leaving behind some exceptional development and research in the field of AR (Augmented Reality). It is further expected that AR will deepen its roots in software field by giving birth to many nesting projects which will accommodate large-scale production. In the past year, many firms tested out prototypes based on AR along with POC concepts. Many remarkable projects are proof of its impressive commercial value and future potential. Experts are striving to integrate AR as much as possible into real-time customer applications. Therefore, one can easily predict that AR technology will its application with the pace of time and break all the headlines.


What’s Augmented Reality?

The initial phase of development is believed to put forward by Ivan Sutherland in 1968, who implemented it in the construction of head-mounted systems. Today it is widely used in businesses, logistics, gadgets, software and more.

You can conclude much just by looking at the term “Augmented Reality”. The process involves overlaying a different reality onto your pre-existing reality using AR-powered devices (such as smart-glasses or smartphones). AR usually works in sync with other IoT devices and other devices to project a clearer view of their reality. We can see some living examples of AR such as Google lens devices, which projects the interface on the glass and fully controllable by the movements of the body. Yelp has been using a system which displays user’s reviews on just pointing your phone camera at restaurants.

The future of Augmented Reality


Augmented Reality and Future

AI and AR relationship

AI and ARArtificial intelligence plays a vital role in the proper functionality of Augmented reality. AR enables user interaction with the object. Today, we use many different forms of social media, they inherit both the support of AI and AR. For example, Snapchat and Instagram use tons of face filters which actually fits perfect on person to person – with the help of AI. While the addition of filters which alters the reality is based on AR. Such applications cannot function unless both technologies are combined. We are going to see more of its incredible applications in the world of software and so on.


AR role in teaching and trainingAI and teaching

AR training has been enormously successful in improving training and teaching in certain fields by cutting the cost-effectively. Any information can be easily passed to a learner in real-time. These systems give a user a first-hand and real experience of the object (consider an airplane) while avoiding the risk factors regarding the loss of the object or human life during the training period.


AR connection VR

AI and vrAR and VR is the talk of the town nowadays. Facebook is the one which firmly believes that AR and VR together can take communication to another level. Augmented Reality results in connecting people, while socializing will be made possible through Virtual Reality. Both the platforms are combined to develop the conference call system where a person will be able to communicate with the person at the same time.


AR and automobilesAI andautomobiles

While it might take a couple of years for autonomous cars to hit the roads, the automobile companies are already making use of Artificial intelligence and Augmented Reality to book a special place in the market. Siri will be something of the past, Augmented reality will be there to provide real-time guidance with a realistic interface. Many popular automobile companies such as Tesla, Volvo, and Mercedes have already vowed to work on this platform. These companies are currently working on dashboard-mounted display systems to reduce the occurrence of accidents and to provide real-time guidance on the windshield without having to look anywhere else. The system can also show the information regarding frequently used areas, guidance regarding direction and much more.


Bottom Line

Many experts believe AR to be at the forefront of the future technological advancements which can be applied to almost any field. There’s way too much yet to be discovered, let’s wait and watch.

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