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Enterprise software is the key for an organization to recover from to proficiency lapses and low turnout results. This is the principal goal at Smartmicros. Our enterprise software development company crafts solutions that are intended to solve a wide range of problems, rather than a departmental problem. Our enterprise level products can improve your organization’s cultural way of life, increase productivity and efficiency.
See how our enterprise software development can help you with your processes:

Proof Before Answer

Anyone can promise exceptional growth because of a product, but such guarantees can only be reflected by experiencing the functionality of the said products. This is why at Smartmicros we allow you to have a firsthand experience of what your enterprise software will be like and their performance with the help of prototyping.
After assessing your needs, we first develop prototypes and help you explore new concepts before launching a full-fledged development program. Such as:

  • Advantage in communicating key concepts to the stakeholders of your business and decide a proper budget for the project
  • Decide which features or modules can be added or omitted from the design process
  • Certify the viability of that solution against the problem or challenge that exists

Agile Software Development

We adopt an agile strategy to deliver functional software every few weeks. This approach will enable your organization to adapt and respond to the needs of its stakeholders and user. With a team of project owners, skilled developers and testers, we ensure that all of our products are of high quality.
Our legacy in bespoke software for complex systems gives us the perks to augment and update existing technology and develop new systems so that they can counter your organizational challenges. We are the experts in coding projects into Microsoft Windows and Apple Desktop platforms and new mobile technology.

Cross platform development

We take pride in being cross platform software development experts, having credibility in Apple iOS, Microsoft Windows as well as Android, Blackberry and the web technologies of CSS3 and HTML5. Through consultation, we will first understand your business and apply the appropriate technologies to drive a given solution.
With the knowledge of your business goals we will implement a strategy that will allow your enterprise and users, access through both mobile and desktop channels. As BYOD (bring your own device) has become a common culture today, such a strategy for software development will maximize the productivity of your workforce while giving you the peace of mind that your data, network and applications are safe

Streamlined Integration

No system can work in isolation. Same is with enterprise software, for them to work effectively, they need to be joined with your IT infrastructure. Once this is achieved, your storage, websites, products and database all sync up to serve you.
At Smartmicros, our team will help you streamline your systems with proficient enterprise software development and bridge the gap between your software and infrastructure- allowing you to get the best from your investment.

Enterprise Partners

Our developers level relationship with industry leaders such as IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, and We also work with government and private agencies to build and extend enterprise applications based on industry leading platforms.

Open Source

Smartmicros believes in the power of open-source and as such provides full services utilizing popular open source enterprise software such as OpenERP, OpenTaps, and OpenBravo, and SugarCRM. We also provide large scale database solutions based on open source databases such as MySQL and PostgreSQL.

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