Ecommerce Website development

E-Commerce Website Development With Infinite Possibilities

The biggest concern we get from clients using Ecommerce platforms is flexibility. They think that being locked into someone else’s sandbox ruins productivity, maneuverability and the overall potential they feel they have for their store.

At Smartmicros, we build Ecommerce platforms with virtually no limits. We customize actual open source solutions or make modular designs that can jell in with your goals and expectations for an online store.

We enable our clients to pick and choose the components they need in plug & play style and then customize them to work exactly the way they want to.

Think of our Ecommerce site development process as Lego blocks, becoming things you want them to be. Now this coupled with our creative design strategy, layout and UX guarantees will let you have an Ecommerce website that stands out in a saturated market.

No Strings Attached

We believe in transparency and are crystal clear in our approach. We put our in-house team at your disposal who offer dedicated services and can handle any level of prospect you want to achieve for your online store.

  • We charge no licensing fees. You own the technology
  • You decide whether you want annual service contract or full enterprise support
  • Nothing is hidden or locked down from you and you will have full access to the source code
  • Our services are scalable as per your requirements
  • You decide where your site is to be hosted

Choose Your Favorite Platform Or Get An Ultimate One For Integration

At Smartmicros Ecommerce development services, we let you decide which platform you want us to integrate with your website. Our experience and practices have made us well versed in combating known and unknown issues in an Ecommerce website whether it is on Drupal, Magento, OpenCart, OScommerce, Shopify, WooCommerce, etc.

Furthermore, if you feel troubled in deciding a platform for your online store, we will help you get by, by recommending a platform that works best in accordance with your business goals and long-term prospects.

For more resource extensive solutions and stores that need total customized solutions we also offer hand coded AKA ultimate Ecommerce platforms that are unique and crafted JUST for your business. Our hand-coded platforms come with bespoke features. They can either be stripped down to handle basic essentials such as order processing, or be fully equipped and robust to include inventory management as well.

Our Ecommerce platforms can also be integrated with your choicest accounting software, payment gateways, inventory management, CRMS product databases shipping vendors, POS systems and content management systems.

At Smartmicros, our Ecommerce development services allow you to enhance your online retail capabilities and tie all pieces together through an entirely custom & unique way to serve your customers.

A Few More Features Of Our Ecommerce Development Services

  • Multi-site and Multi brand
  • Custom publishing and admin rules for content management
  • Responsive design to work on every device
  • Custom inventory and pricing capabilities
  • Top notch content management capabilities
  • Enterprise level integrated search features
  • Ironclad security protocols
  • Friendly cart and checkout processes
  • Fully integration ability to 3rd party tools
  • Custom reporting and tracking features with enterprise level analytics and webmaster tools

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