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We are San Diego’s most experienced custom mobile app development company having our clientele base stretched across the alcove. Whether you are a small business, startup or a big organization, our strategy and expertise in custom app development promise to deliver exceptional iPhone, iPad and Android applications.
Our strategy involves understanding our clientele’s business goals and their active & passive needs in a mobile app, from their developers take your mobile app idea from concept to reality. Furthermore, we have worked our way up from a startup, so we understand the concept of working under a limited budget- This is why our services for custom app development are scalable, cost effective and offer more attention to the customer.Contact us today.

IPhone App Development

The iPhone 6/6 plus and iOS 8 are the latest products in the market. New and improved techniques for hand coding are now in play for the iPhone app development realm. Rest assured that we have not missed a beat.
Considering how fast paced the industry is, our developers have always been ready for a change and adapt to anything that becomes a trend. Having years of experience in iOS development- our developers work exclusively to create beautiful, functional and user friendly iPhone and iPad applications. Our iPhone App Development forte is productivity apps, utility apps, photo & video apps, games and much more.

IPad App Development

With new versions of both iPad and iOS coming in like a stream, the key to making successful iPad applications on a budget and in-time is to be updated with the tech. Smartmicros is the only company in San Diego to have reached the mark of 500 satisfied clients for custom app development which was made possible by taking the work we do in a learner’s perspective.
At Smartmicros, we routinely invest in the training or our team so as to equip them with the latest tools and tricks required to streamline the tasks at hand. Along with our support services, this culture is responsible for the agility and workmanship of our team.

Android App Development

Android OS allows greater customizability thaniOS. And we all know that with customizability comes greater creativity. Android app development has been the playground for our team. This is one skill set that we keenly look for in our fresh hires.
As Google provides more freedom to Android developers through enriched customizability, then its only creativity coupled with experience that allows one to make beautiful and alluring Android Apps. Keeping this in mind, we have separate teams for Android &iOSdevelopment which help us transition our client’s requirements with high accuracy.

Cross Platform solutions

As the realm of Mobile application development evolves, software and mobile app developers are getting smarter and more efficient tools are coming up to make the job more creative. Tools like Xamarin and Parse are making our lives easier and enabling us to create more custom applications for both iOS and Android in a shorter period of time. But these aren’t the only solutions available at our disposal. Once we understand the needs of our client, we determine what solutions can be right for the project and are implemented accordingly.

Whatever Comes Next

You know what’s the coolest thing about being an app developer? It’s the fact that every next big thing is just around the corner. With exciting devices and interfaces coming up and some already here such as Windows surface, Google Glass, iWatch and more, we are keeping our services at par with the trends. This makes Smartmicros a full service technology shop!

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