A branded mobile application for service oriented businesses to build their image and promote their brand/service/location by connecting and engaging with the their customer.

connectApp will allow business to differentiate their brand from competition, engage with customer, up-sell, cross-sell, and increase customer base using their customer’s social network.

Users who download the app are able to connect very easily to the business. They can check on the latest offering from the store, receive special coupons and deals, and be part of loyalty program to earn rewards.
Users are also able to browse the products, contact the store through phone, email, or social media, and find directions, business hours, etc.. The app makes it easy to mention the business and its product/services on Facebook, Twitter, Four Square, etc. Users are able to share special deals and promotions with their friends, and may also earn loyalty points for doing so.

connectApp portal is a very powerful tool which allows business to manage their application content. This means that daily messages can be created, products and services may be modified, rewards can be managed, and new coupons and promotions can be created and sent to all or selected users.

The application is available for Apple iPhone, and Android phones. For more details and pricing, contact us.

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