Challenges Faced by the Internet of Things

Challenges Faced by the Internet of Things

Challenges Faced by the Internet of Things

It’s been a while since we have been hearing about Internet of things, but actually, it’s still a popular topic of conversation in both ordinary to giant workplaces. The basic task of IoT is to connect everyday gadgets/objects to the internet using IP address and tiny sensors which enables them to interact with consumers and each other, facilitate businesses, and etc. An immense potential in the development and deployment of IoT is surely there, many companies have already progressed much in this field, mostly in smart appliances/gadgets to smart electrical machines (Vehicles) to smart clothing. Many people believe that IoT is going to be a next big thing in the field of technology. However, most assumptions aren’t made while keeping in view the difficulties or obstacles in the way-to-success of the IoT. The hurdles can be dealt with, but companies and organizations need a sophisticated set of ideas to encounter the said challenges. Let’s have a look.

Availability of the internet:

“Internet of things”, one can conclude by the term that it’s largely dependent on the availability of internet service. No doubt, that IoT can provide unparalleled access to the latest technology, but the core hindrance is the availability of internet. Although, internet is vastly available in most parts of the world, but quality, quantity and proper availability still varies a lot from region to region. Google is striving hard to dig out solutions, but the concept of making it stable universally still needs quite some time.

Challenges Faced by the Internet of Things

Significant Expenses:

IoT seems to be economical enough when applied to new products, or products which aren’t widespread throughout the world. By that, it means that IoT sensors and can be placed easily on developing gadgets, but for a large scale development, such as building sensors for roads, traffic signals, infrastructures or utility grids, it doesn’t seem a good choice economically. For such a large-scale development, the investors hesitate to initiate the developing process, the idea simply scares off the investors of investing huge resources while keeping the potential risks in mind.

Challenges Faced by the Internet of Things


In the wake of major data and information leaks and security beaches throughout the internet, privacy and security are major concerns for businesses and individuals. What will the credibility of the security when everything from domestic appliances to clothes will be equipped with IoT technology? There’s a doubt that if a consumer will ever trust wearing shoe that keeps track of his/her steps and locations, so companies have yet to assure maximum security for consumer’s satisfaction.


A research concluded that an estimate of 26 billion devices will be equipped with IoT by 2020. With such a massive amount of IoT powered devices will generate massive amount of data, for which companies need to develop great data storing capabilities. Many companies don’t either have resources or no technical how-know to make the whole setup function properly. New hardware is required which can handle immense workload and traffic along with gigantic storage capabilities.

Awareness of the Technology:

While businesses and companies seem excited about IoT, consumers remain largely unaware of IoT and its applications. In a survey of around 2000 people, more than 80% of the people said that they are not aware of the term. This lack of knowledge will create further lack of interest in the public, which is not al all good for the future of IoT devices.

There sure are many risks and hurdles in the road to success, but many view it as a risk worth taking. The number of developers contributing to IoT are expected to increase to 4.5 million by 2020. With more focus being paid to IoT development, solutions will likely appear, definitely.

Challenges Faced by the Internet of Things


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