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Bitcoin as a payment method
BITCOIN AS A PAYMENT METHOD   BITCOIN: Bitcoin is always known as a great payment method especially for online retailers and also the first popular cryptocoin. Bitcoin transactions are irreversible. That is, if committed there’s no “take back” . It came into existence on 3rd January 2009 by a developer named Satoshi Nakamoto. For transactions, bank or governing bodies are not needed instead all the transactions are done, recorded and verified by a process called
Online Payment Methods   To increase the conversions and sales it’s really essential to make it easy for your customers as much as possible because different customers would like to pay in different ways. When it comes to receiving and accepting payments no doubt Paypal is the reigning champion. Since people still love PayPal because of variety of reasons, technology has opened the door for a number of competitors to challenge PayPal by offering cheaper
Twitter Marketing Strategy Twitter can be a powerful marketing tool. If you spend time building up your twitter base (link article on building a Twitter base here), you can use the audience to market your existing and new products or services. When your followers like your tweets, in turn, their own broader follower base has an opportunity to engage with your company’s Twitter account, broadening your marketing reach. Twitter is an excellent propagating tool. There
Growing twitter followers   Don’t tweet like a robot. This is social media, and users enjoy a familiar touch.Click To Tweet Engaging Audience by using Tweeter Social media is a valuable marketing tool for businesses operating both in real-time and online. Twitter is a great tool to engage your audience and grow the follower base. In turn, your tweeter presence has the potential to grow your customer base and your brand is promoted to the
Why the Future of Big Data Requires Human-Machine Cooperation
Why the Future of Big Data Requires Human-Machine Cooperation! Why the Future of Big Data Requires Human-Machine Cooperation “We don’t all have to become data scientists in order to work with the machine. The machine needs to become more human and work with us,” HammondClick To Tweet It’s really essential for any business to gather, examine and interpret the data than ever before. But since we now have automated tools that can really make better
How remote work helps boost your company’s culture How remote work helps boost your company’s culture Remote work is no longer a novelty. In fact, working remotely is a benefit that millennials are expecting now from their prospective employers. Research shows that two-thirds of people want to work from home and 36% prefer working from home to salary increase. This is a clear indication of the workers’ preferences. Ability to balance life with work, family
How New Technology Is Helping Patients Manage Their Health How New Technology Is Helping Patients Manage-Their Health Technology has infiltrated all aspects of our daily lives, from our work to our finances, grocery shopping (think Amazon Fresh – grocery delivery service), our workouts, eating habits, and even the way we manage our health. Doctors used to belong to an exclusive club that handed out diagnoses to ailing patients, while patients trusted their input and regarded
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