Best Cyber Security Solutions for Companies by Smartmicros

“” Best Cybersecurity Solutions for Companies by Smartmicros! “”

Best cyber security solutions for companies

Cyber attacks have become a serious threat to companies all over the world affecting their data and intellectual property security, changing the workflows and day-to- day operations. For most companies, their data (such as customer databases, product specifications, marketing plans, etc.) is the most valuable asset, and a cyber attack could affect the value of the company and compromise its strategic advantages. In some instances, serious data breaches can lead to bankruptcy.

In 2017, hospitals, major companies, and government offices were hit by a massive global wave of cyber attacks that seized control of computers demanding ransom from victims. The ransomware, called “WannaCry,” locked down all the files on an infected computer and asked the computer’s administrator to pay to regain control of them. The ransomware was spread by taking advantage of a vulnerability in Windows XP. Even though later versions of Windows had fixed the vulnerability, these systems were never upgraded. That, and the network policies that allowed the virus to infiltrate firewall led to disastrous results.

Every business system is at risk, and steps must be taken to protect intellectual property and data that resides on internal data storage units, online, and on cloud networks, online.
Our team of IT and security experts advise on taking the specific steps in protecting businesses and enterprises systems from data breaches, network attacks, and other schemes meant to compromise networks.

Keep your software updated

Keep your software updated

Keep your software up to date with the latest patches from vendors. This advice though apparently simple is not always as straight forward. For one thing, in an environment of a large number of systems, applying the updates simultaneously is arduous and can bring internal networks down. In addition, there is always a chance that the updates pushed by vendors may introduce some additional bugs. For this reason, an orderly process of testing the updates, and coordinated deployment is necessary. This frequently required help from a dedicated IT team. If an internal IT team does not exist, an outside provider (such as Smartmicros) should be contracted to institute a streamlined updates process.




Enhance your antivirus and firewall capability. There are sophisticated security systems out there now that use machine learning to provide real-time security protection to your systems. These Next Generation Anti-Virus (NGAV) systems take a system-centric view of endpoint security rather than merely focusing on point-in-time malware threats. Our team at Smartmicros can suggest the products most suitable for your company.

Train your employees to recognize phishing attacks that often come in the form of spam e-mails.

Enhance your remote security access if you allow your employees to work remotely by using a VPN network (Virtual-Private Network)

Have an on-site and off-site data backup strategy. Backup data regularly and create duplicate files in case your data becomes inaccessible, for example, during a DDOS attack. Make sure that in case of an attack, you are able to restore the data quickly and efficiently.

Use secure service provides to host sensitive information such as customer personal data. Do not allow storage of such information on employee laptops, desktops or internal servers. Perform regular checks for sensitive data. Smartmicro cybersecurity experts can help you choose the appropriate service for your company needs.

Create a foolproof password policy and enforce it on both local machines and for the remote access and the data stored on the cloud.

Limit administrative access to essential data so that you are less vulnerable to data theft.

Secure Login


For accessing systems remotely, consider requiring a secondary authentication method for login. Many sites now require a second authentication method, such as sending a code to your phone before accessing your account. This is a good method to prevent simple phishing attacks that may compromise your passwords.
In conclusion, always be on the lookout for current threats, and the defenses available against them. If you manage the systems, get familiar with the latest security updates and systems to ensure that your company is protected based on the most recent security developments and using the latest security methods.

Finally, regular cybersecurity audits by security professionals should be scheduled at least twice a year. Cybersecurity audits can often detect vulnerabilities that internal operations/IT teams can miss.

Cyber attacks are bound to become more sophisticated over time. Our team of cyber security specialists is available to help you defend against those. Smartmicros is prepared to advise your company every step of the way to help you navigate the ever-changing security landscape and protect your customers, employees, and assets.

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