Invite your guests and stay connected with them while they are staying and after they have left.

BeMyGuest is a branded mobile app for hotels. It allows Hotels to present an always accessible front desk to their customers on their mobile phones and tablets.

BeMyGuest provides information about the hotel, help with reservations, cancellation, and check-outs. It provides users ability to order room service, request concierge services, and even make table reservations. BeMyGuest enhances user’s stay by guiding users to hotel sponsored events, activities, and places. BeMyGuest promotes hotel by updating user’s location and activity on guests social networks.

Hotels have the opportunity to capitalize on this new tool to promote the hotel among guests social networks, up-sell hotel services (e.g. dining, Spa, etc..), sell advertisement to local businesses, and stay connected with guests after they have left, by sending thank-you messages or special promotions.

BeMyGuest is custom designed for each hotel, and allows Hotels to update their application content from online portal.

For more information and pricing, please contact us.

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