Apple Pay




Apple pay is a mobile payment method designed by Apple. This method was designed in October 20, 2014. People who have Iphone 6, 6s, 6 plus, 7, 7 plus, 8, 8 plus, X, XS, XS Max, and XR can make payments with their Iphones in stores, online applications and on the web as well. Apple pay has made it easy to send and receive money from anyone with their iphones through messages.


Devices that work with apple pay:

You can use Apple pay with your Iphone 6 or 6 plus as these phones contain the NFC (near field communications) chip and a TouchID. Although it is necessary for Iphone 5, 5c and 5s users to have a paired apple watch to make the payment because apple watch contains the NFC chip technology. The apple watches can as well make the payment when connect to the newer iphones.


How to send and receive money?

You can send money with a debit or credit card with just one-tap. Money can be sent in Messages by using user’s fingerprint, face authentication or skin authentication for apple watch. Once you receive the money, the cash will be added to your apple pay cash card which is located in Iphone app called Wallet. After that you can make payments and can also transfer your money to your bank account.


Where to use Apple Pay?

Apple pay can be used anywhere like in restaurants, grocery shops, shopping malls, boutiques and also for electronic machines etc. You can make payments in your college and universities as well. If you want to donate money to the non-profit organizations like American Red Cross, Global giving etc then you can do it with apple pay. It is secure, private and faster than any other payment method.

You can make payment whenever you see these below symbols.


How secure Apple Pay is?

No doubt, apple pay is the most secure method to make payments.

“According to former credit card executive Tom Noyes, the way Apple Pay has been designed to work makes it the most secure payments scheme on the planet.”

User must scan his fingerprint before making payment through a debit or credit card. After scanning a credit/debit card with apple pay the user will be assigned a unique token, this token is different from the actual card number this process is called “tokenization”. The token is sent through NFC with a security code (unique to every transaction) these two verify a successful transaction. Apart from that, apple also uses Touch ID or Face ID for authentication on each transaction. Apple Watch authentication is done through skin contact. When the apple watch is placed on the wrist, the user is asked to enter a passcode, after entering a passcode the payment can be made as long as the apple watch is in contact with the skin, if the watch loses contact the user can no longer makes payment.


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