Welcome To Smartmicros

We are a privately held top software application development company in San Diego, specializing in custom enterprise and consumer solutions.

We know, that there are a lot of software application development companies that do what we do-they may share the same “what” but not the same “how”. This is because we are making minds, putting business sense and taking in the creative chops to revolutionize what matters the most- the experience.

The life’s blood of Smartmicros is our team, which is made up of artists, data junkies, strategists, and marketing geniuses who with their capabilities can take you from concept to creation. Since our inception, we have spent each day doing so by sharpening the tools and acquiring the nuts & bolts of our digital trade. We have a culture that cultivates an agile environment where we learn, adapt and, grow with you!

Our life’s work tells us- that if you spend so much time doing something, you’d best enjoy it!