Effective SEO Strategies To Make You Rank On The Top

“Effective SEO Strategies To Make You Rank On The Top!” 


In order to boost the ranking of any site in google searches, it is needful to work on your site in such a way that it holds most searched/common words, or words that are being commonly used by people to explore regarding the theme of your subject so that google helps in lifting the ranking and improving the visibility of the site.

1. Content Should Be Easily Readable

1. Compress or minimize the length of your content, make it precise.

2.  Content can be written in the form of short paragraphs or points to develop interest in readers.

3. Usage of heading before your paragraph can create interest in exploring the content.

4. You should always highlight your important points to make it clearly readable.

5. Use readable fonts as they really affect the “look and feel” of your website. You should not go with decorating fonts and don’t use more than 2 fonts in a page.

The discussed factors will enhance the attraction of the content and will fascinate the readers.


2. Use Images Related To Your Content

Using appropriate images to support your content will appeal to readers rather than combination of written words. The images should be of good quality, labels and text under graphic material should be used for self-explanation of the subject.

As images have great potential for increasing the inbound traffic by SEO, but one should keep in mind the following things:

1.When uploading image in your site make sure that the image name is relevant to your content. It should also be descriptive something like “SEOContent” rather than IMG2017-09-06.

2. Second is, that you should always use the alt=”description of the image” inside the img tags of your HTML where ever possible. This doesn’t only help the search engines to find relevant stuff in search results but will also help you rank high for that keyword.

3. Don’t go for larger images inside your content as large images take time to get loaded and because Google web master tool now tracks GoogleBotDownload Time and places results in its search. So this plays a highly significant role.


3.Longer Content Makes You Rank High In SERP

Content lenght is correlated with higher rankings.The more you elaborate about the content, by that we mean being specific but covering most of the necessary information about the subject.

Ultimately it will also cover most of the common words used by the searchers to explore the subject of your concern. The more words you add, very likely the searched keywords will match the content in your thread. That’s why the longer the content is, the higher is the chance to earn high rankings in search results.

What you should try to achieve for better marketing and to make contribution to the success of your content is:

  • Higher online visibility
  • More social sharing
  • Better link building
  • Reliable website authority


4. Focus On What Your Customers Want

Great marketing is not about doing the right SEO, it’s about putting the needs of the customer first. So, make such content that solves their problems instead of just paying attention to search marketing.

Keep in mind that you need to stress and work on the requirements of the customers. Improvise content according to their needs and obtain some feedbacks from the customers as well. Optimize your content for your customers, that will increase the customer value and ultimately success for a long term.


 5. Your Application Should Be Mobile Friendly.

Your application should be fully compatible with recent hardware/software (Andriod, iOS), and should work flawlessly on PCs, laptops or phones. As the Google also considers mobile-friendliness as a ranking factor.

An easy way to make your site mobile-friendly is to make it responsive so by that your site conforms to any screen size or device that’s accessing it.

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So , good SEO not only means using the right keywords in the right places, but also creating great content, improve site speed, make your website more mobile friendly.